CXO Panel at COP27 with Unilever, Siemens, Vodafone, Danone, and Sheri Hinish on Sustainable Agriculture + Technology

Climate policy is good economic policy and a strong foundation for durable, resilient, inclusive economic growth. Sharing this PoV on innovation in private sector in food and agriculture LIVE from COP27. Thank you for sharing esteemed panelists herein and looking forward to continued and collective progress ⤵️

🟢 Hanneke Faber, President, Unilever Global Nutrition  

🟢 Henri Bruxelles, Chief Sustainability Officer, Danone

🟢Jim Andrew, Chief Sustainability Officer, PepsiCo

🟢Franco Atassi, CEO Smart Infrastructure MiddleEast, Siemens

🟢Jaques de Vos, CEO Mezzanine – Vodafone

🟢Aly Abousabaa, DG, ICARDA

It was a privilege as the granddaughter of immigrant farmers to close week 1 of COP27 with distinguished leaders and discuss “Innovative Tools by the Private Sector in Agriculture and Food Systems”. Watch the video here -> Sheri R. Hinish on LinkedIn: #sustainability #supplychain #agriculture #innovation #cop27 | 86 comments 

Current food systems are flawed. The tension between field and forest is an old paradigm. New thinking is needed. These flaws affect all of us from food waste to environmental degradation, but most of all they affect the 811 million people that go to bed hungry each night. Food systems face a “triple challenge”⤵️

1. Providing food security and nutrition to a growing population,

2. Contributing to the livelihoods of people along food supply chains,

3. Ensuring the sustainability of the sector while facing climate change. Joining CSOs, CEOs, and other tech leaders, we discussed these questions:

➡️ How do the different sectors contribute to sustainable agriculture and food systems?

➡️ Which solutions, tools, and partnerships currently implemented contribute best to Agenda 2030 and are sustainable, scalable, and replicable?

With COP27’s focus on moving from pledges to implementation, discussions during this session focused on transformative solutions and partnerships implemented to date that are sustainable, scalable, and replicable in different contexts at national, regional, and global levels.

 #sustainability #supplychain #agriculture #innovation #cop27

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