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The Supply Chain Revolution is a groundbreaking podcast that Sheri hosts. 

Through captivating interviews, thought-provoking discussions, and expert analysis, Sheri and her esteemed guests explore the dynamic landscape of sustainable supply chain practices, innovation, and inclusive leadership. 

Join our community of change-makers, industry professionals, and sustainability enthusiasts to gain invaluable insights, uncover new perspectives, and be inspired to join the revolution toward a more sustainable future. 

Tune in to The Supply Chain Revolution and be part of a transformative movement that’s shaping the future of sustainable supply chain management and exponential technology.

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The Sustainability Imperative: Zero Waste, Zero Inequality, Zero Carbon Emissions with Tom Raftery
Exploring the New (Ab) Normal in COVID and Beyond, the Future of Supply Chains, Sustainability, and Climate Change with Dr. Yossi Sheffi (MIT)
Exploring Circular Technology That Enables Sustainability, Inclusion, Net-Zero Waste, and Circular Cities with Dr. Garry Cooper of Rheaply
Sustainable Supply Chains + Net-Zero Deforestation, Responsible Commodity Sourcing and Risk Management with Gen Z for the Trees (
From Source to Sold: 26 Supply Chain Leaders Tell All in Strategy, Transformation and Disruptive Innovation (with Authors Radu Palamariu, Knut Alicke)
Recurement with Purpose,’ the Powerful Movement in Sustainability with Authors Mark Perera and Peter SmithT

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