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Sheri loves highlighting sustainable innovation, insights that challenge conventional thinking, and diverse people across global supply chains who are underrepresented in STEM. She hosts a top podcast called the Supply Chain Revolution exploring how we can use circularity, sustainability, inclusive leadership, and technology to design a better world. Companies featured include Microsoft, SAP.iO, Ellen MacArthur Foundation, Pyxera Global, Roundtable for Sustainable Palm Oil, Rheaply, Infor, IBM, Starbucks, and many more. 

By building relationships as a trusted partner and advocate, Sheri helps connect the dots across trends in supply chain, sustainability & the SDGs, the power of diversity as a catalyst for innovation, and leading with purpose in digital transformations. Balancing sustainable design, digitalization, innovation, and the future of work, Sheri is particularly skilled in guiding complex change transformations.

She is a Principal and the global leader for Sustainability Technology Services, Innovation, and Ecosystems at Ernst & Young. She is a leading CXO advisor and influencer helping the biggest brands in the world marry modernization, sustainable development, and transformational sustainability. She has won numerous top industry awards, represented sustainable tech on global stages such as COP27 and UN AI for Good, and helped guide the strategy of Fortune 500 companies.

Sheri R. Hinish

 Supply Chains Can Save the World

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A World Of Infinite Opportunities

I believe that we are at a critical inflection point where supply chains have the power to save lives, save the planet, and connect industrial, natural, technological, and human systems. Join me and challenge paradigms exploring insights, strategies, and tools driving change that shape critical aspects of business, environmental, and social sustainability.

Collaboration For Impact

I work with a lot of B2B influencers and Sheri is one who stands out in a number of ways. She is an expert in her field and has built an audience carefully and deliberately. Next, she understands how to position herself and connect with other influencers in her field to maximize her message and that of her industry. I often use Sheri as an example to other up-and-coming B2B influencers and as someone whom to model themselves after. I'm proud to know her.

Tom Augenthaler 
Top B2B Marketing Strategist & Consultant

Sheri is such a great supply chain resource to work with. I recently partnered with her on a competitive analysis for IBM Sterling. Sheri was always more than prepared, able to field questions and make intelligent recommendations, plus share her expertise in a unique way. We will continue to work with Sheri on various projects as we evolve throughout 2020. I highly recommend leveraging Sheri for your supply chain consultations.

Kathleen Devlin
Content Director, IBM

Sheri,  thank you for your very valuable contributions to the SAP Ariba Live virtutal events. We are grateful for your commitment, effort, and flexibility to help us deliver  amazing content in these unprecedented times. You have helped us to create remarkable and thought provoking content at a time when many of our customers, partners, and suppliers are looking for guidance and expertise to navigate the challenges ahead. 

Gretchen Eischen

Global VP of Marketing, SAP



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Playback - Keynote at Supply Chain and Procurement Live: Breaking Down Barriers in Sustainability

Sustainability is not someone else's problem. More than 50% of CEOs believe that business leaders must take responsibility for the impact on communities in which they operate. However, there still remains a gap when it comes to strategy leading to action. 86% of CEOs have a sustainability strategy, but only 35% have acted on them according to the latest CEO study published by the Institute for Business Value. Join Sheri Hinish and Supply Chain Digital live in London as she unpacks how to operationalize sustainability.

Watch the replay on YouTube here

Playback - AI for Good Webinar in partnership with ITU and the UN: Creating Sustainable Business with a Smaller Footprint 

Speakers include Deirdre White, CEO, Pyxera Global, Sandra MacQuillan, Executive Vice President & Chief Sustainability Officer, Mondelez International, Johan Steyn, Thought Leader & Author, Moderated by Sheri Hinish, Global Services + Alliances Lead, IBM Consulting Sustainability Services. AI for Good platform is designed to help users build connections with innovators and experts, link innovative ideas with social impact opportunities, and bring the community together to advance the SDGs using AI.

Watch the replay on YouTube here


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