Sheri Hinish

Sustainable Supply Chain and Innovation Strategist. STEM and Diversity Equity Inclusion Champion.

A transformative leader specializing in sustainability, supply chain, and innovation  strategy, dedicated to helping you drive impactful change and align business operations with the sustainable development goals.

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Empowering the Future Through Sustainable Development & Education

Driving Positive Change in Tech, Sustainability, and Supply Chain To Fulfill the Promise Of A Better Tomorrow

Driving Transformational Sustainability and Innovation at Scale

Sheri Hinish, aptly named the Supply Chain Queen, is a transformative leader driving sustainability and innovation at scale, making a significant impact on global supply chains and sustainable development initiatives.

As the global leader for Sustainability Services, Innovation, and Ecosystems at Ernst & Young, Sheri has earned recognition as a trusted CXO advisor and influencer, guiding major brands in navigating modernization, sustainable development, and the transformation of responsible business. 

Her expertise in shaping sustainable design, digitalization, innovation, and the future of work positions her as an invaluable asset for companies seeking to lead with purpose and drive impactful change in business transformation.

Her strategic contributions to Fortune 500 companies,

coupled with her impactful presence on global stages such as COP27, COP28, UN AI for Good, Mobile World Congress, CES, NRF, and leading industry events for Good shows her commitment to driving sustainable transformation and aligning business operations with the sustainable development goals.

Sheri’s belief in the pivotal role of supply chain in driving real transformation in sustainability underscores her commitment to effecting change at the core of business operations.

Her unique ability to connect the dots across trends in supply chain, sustainability, and diversity as a catalyst for innovation positions her as an essential partner for companies seeking to lead with purpose and drive meaningful change at a global scale.

“For business leaders this year, the use of exponential technologies and AI will be pivotal as themes like trust, the future of work, society and the health of our planet become critical in the context of sustainability and climate action. As we innovate, business leaders have to ensure that our technological advancements do not come at an environmental cost, and ethical considerations, such as privacy and bias, are carefully managed. AI is already being leveraged to model climate scenarios, predict environmental impacts, and optimize resource usage in unprecedented ways. By unlocking the use of big data and AI for all in a responsible way, technology’s potential as a catalyst and an enabler means it can support more informed decisions and accelerate targeted and scalable climate actions across supply chains.”
Sheri Hinish
Featured in the Economist, World Economic Forum DAVOS

Charting A Course For Sustainable Board Leadership

Sheri is on a steadfast mission to drive impactful change at the highest levels of corporate and non-profit governance. She is committed to contributing her expertise and vision to companies, non-profits, and influential organizations.

Her unwavering dedication to advancing the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and leveraging her expertise in innovation, sustainability, and supply chain positions her as an invaluable asset for organizations seeking to bring the 2030 vision to life and drive meaningful transformation.

Sheri’s podcast, “The Supply Chain Revolution,” serves as a platform for thought leadership and industry insights, featuring influential organizations and notable figures.

Her gravitas and associations with influential figures such as Malcolm Gladwell, Marc Engel, Steve Pratt, Magali Anderson and many more emphasize her thought leadership and industry influence.

Notably, her podcast has achieved top rankings on iTunes and Spotify, reflecting her capacity to captivate audiences and elevate industry discourse and cementing her ability to lead like the rebel-queen she is.

Sheri continues to share her exceptional journey and her unwavering commitment to driving transformative change, while also conveying her authentic identity as a devoted mother, wife, educator, and steward of the earth.


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Podcast Spotlight

Supply Chain Revolution

Unleashing Innovation, Sustainability, and Education Towards A Better Future

Join the Supply Chain Queen in her groundbreaking podcast, Supply Chain Revolution, where she leads the charge in redefining the future of supply chains and sustainability.

Be part of the Rebels, her dedicated followers, as they delve into the realms of disruptive innovation, sustainable supply chain, exponential tech, and the transformative power of challenging the status quo. 

Explore thought-provoking discussions, visionary industry insights, and actionable strategies that are reshaping the global supply chain landscape and driving sustainable change.

“I believe in using technology to empower people, and leveraging visibility to take actions that include not just people within your own four walls, but include those who are part of your broader ecosystem to collectively make better decisions for systems change.”
Sheri Hinish

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Sheri Hinish at Procurement & Supply Chain Live 2022

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The Supply Chain Queen For Impact

Philip Vervloesem

Senior Vice President at OMP USA
In our collaboration with Sheri, we loved the approach as a motivational speaker to our strategic seminar. The interaction, the vibe brought in the session was very well received. The most important to me is the alignment in values, understanding the DNA of a company and touching on the right topics to be able to spark discussion and engagement , this is one of Sheri’s most valued qualities.

Kathleen Devlin

Editor-in-Chief, IBM EcosystemEditor-in-Chief, IBM Ecosystem
Sheri is such a great supply chain resource to work with. I recently partnered with her on a competitive analysis for IBM Sterling. Sheri was always more than prepared, able to field questions and make intelligent recommendations, plus share her expertise in a unique way. We will continue to work with Sheri on various projects as we evolve throughout 2020. I highly recommend leveraging Sheri for your supply chain consultations.

Tom Augenthaler

Top B2B Marketing Strategist & Consultant
I work with a lot of B2B influencers and Sheri is one who stands out in a number of ways. She is an expert in her field and has built an audience carefully and deliberately. Next, she understands how to position herself and connect with other influencers in her field to maximize her message and that of her industry. I often use Sheri as an example to other up-and-coming B2B influencers and as someone whom to model themselves after. I’m proud to know her.

Daniel Stanton

CEO @ Mr. Supply Chain | Supply Chain and Project Management | 2.5+ Million Online Learners
Sheri is THE Supply Chain Queen! She is a recognized subject matter expert and influencer in supply chain, leadership, and strategy. She understands the importance of working across the functional silos in a company, and she understands how to communicate across the generations in our workforce.

Alissa Chiang

Sustainability Manager at Crocs Inc

I met Sheri through the Digital Supply Chain Institute’s 21:21 mentorship program for women in supply chain, where she was my mentor for almost 4 months. In our first meeting, I immediately knew she understood me, Sustainability, and our challenges. During the program,

she made herself available and gave me career advice as a woman leader in my field that uplifted me. Her vision and passion for Sustainability resonated so much with me that I followed her into IBM. At IBM, I got to see how Sheri is a fearless leader who inspires those around her to do better for the people and the planet. Her strong background in and understanding of supply chain allows her to envision and create solutions that don’t ignore the intricacies, cross-functional nature, and costs of operationalizing and implementing Sustainability/ESG. I know that Sheri will most certainly continue leading with authenticity, and revolutionizing the way we tackle Sustainability/ESG for the better. Any organization is lucky to have her as a leader, and any direct report is lucky to have her as an advocate and mentor.

John Licata

Innovation Foresight Strategist at SAP, Qualitative Futurist, Thought Leader, Moonshot Thinker, and Speaker Focused on the Metaverse and Responsible AI

Sheri just gets “it”. By “it” I mean the way innovation is driving the global supply chain forward. Her ability to synthesize technical and macro information in a way that makes it easy for listeners to grasp is a key reason she is a much sought after speaker

and consultant. She always has a gravitating personality. I’ve had the opportunity to collaborate with Sheri several times already at SAP and I know if there is another chance to work with her again I wouldn’t hesitate to reach out. Not only does Sheri understand emerging technologies, she fundamentally grasps how sustainability and diversity can revolutionize a more digitized supply chain, not just for businesses but for everyone. I highlight recommend Sheri for your next project – she is the type of rare go-getter that simply gets the results your business needs.

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