Two Queens Talk Fashion Supply Chains and Technology: 2 Part Series with the Queen of Raw

"Are you naked right now? You’re not…because you’re using fabric. It’s everywhere! It’s where it’s supposed to be, covering things like us, and where it’s not supposed to be.” This was the opening 10 seconds of Stephanie Benedetto’s award-winning pitch to Ashton Kutcher, Sean “Diddy” Combs, & Gary Vaynerchuk in 60 seconds at the WeWork Creator Awards where she scored a grand prize of $360,000.

Stoked to present a 2-part lightning talk series exploring the “Queen of Raw,” her journey from corporate attorney, to sustainability tech entrepreneur.

Episode 31, Part 1 explores:
💎 Fashion supply chains, their impact on the world, and how to turn pollution into profit.
💸Why an optimized supply chain is the solution for aligning people, for planet, and for profit?
🏆 Insights on how to get funding for your tech start up with a winning pitch! Some of her awards include: Grand Prize WeWork Creator Awards, MIT Solve Global Challenge Winner, Google Women Who Tech Fashion Group International Rising Star, and thredUP Circular Fashion Fund Recipient. Listen to Episode 31 🎧 ~>

Episode 32, Part 2 explores: Entrepreneurship in the Age of Amazon. From disparate ERP investments and data siloes, to fragmented orchestration, fashion supply chains are broken. Innovation exists to provide sustainable supply assurity, monetizing waste streams and transforming the 2nd largest polluting industry. Are you curious how blockchain, AI, deep ML, analytics, and digital supply chains bring us closer to sustainability and circularity in fashion, rescuing fashion’s dead stock and providing transparency around wasted inventory?

Stephanie Benedetto , the Queen of Raw, and I explore the future of fashion, and the promise of technology. She touts an impressive list of recents awards including the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Solve Global Challenge, the LVMH Innovation Award, Google Women Who Tech Fashion Group International Rising Star, and the thredUP Circular Fashion Fund.
Can tech save fashion? 💭 Automated sustainability impacts and a 1% improvement in fast fashion means? 

Listen to Episode 32 🎧 ~>
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Sheri R. Hinish
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