A Selfish Plan to Save the World with Transparency + Freedom in Supply Chains with Justin Dillion, CEO of FRDM

Freedom. We all want it, even in our supply chains to unlock visibility and truth. People often have a will to fix problems tied to transparency and traceability but don’t know how. Slavery affects over 40 million people and another 85 million children under the age of 11 work in hazardous labor conditions. Yet despite these facts, many still can't rely on transactional data, or tracing their dollar upstream to get closer to the truth.

As folks stateside celebrate the 4th of July, I feel overwhelmed in knowing that freedom - a natural human right - is not a reality for all, and supply chains can enable this freedom for many. Mandela said, “Thus shall we live, because we will have created a society which recognises that all people are born equal, with each entitled in equal measure to life, liberty, prosperity, human rights and good governance.” Isn’t this what we all want?

In a timely chat with Justin Dillon founder of FRDM (sounds like freedom), we discuss how exponential technology intersects with human rights in ethical trade, and the urgency in sustainable supply chain risk management. I learned about Justin several years ago and from his work with the Obama administration + Google for slavery -dot - org and his charity “made in a free world.” We both started our journey as artists and musicians and found our way into tech + supply chains. Rebel strong.

✊🏾Although governments require companies to publicly disclose reduction of slavery everywhere in their supply chain, over 2/3 of all supply chain leaders admit zero visibility beyond their direct suppliers. When we think about the ‘S’ in ESG, it gets very complicated to marry disclosure and self-reported “sustainable business practices” with ground truth in upstream visibility especially in your supply base beyond tier 1.

💥In episode 59 of the Supply Chain Revolution® podcast, we explore how a predictive bill of materials, smart AI, supplier segmentation overlaid with risk hotspots and probabilistic modeling can help you get closer to the truth, freedom in your supply chains.

💥Justin leaves a message of inspiration and encouragement for everyone to “find your riot” and purpose. I thought this was a perfect 20 min PoV as we gather with family and friends. Let’s break the conspiracy of silence.

🤟🏽Freedom is a human right, and supply chains can help. Let’s start the conversation The gestation of change takes time. Will finds a way, but we have to use supply chains to fulfill the ethics and promise to create sustainable and scalable change over time.✊🏾

“For to be free is not merely to cast off one's chains, but to live in a way that respects and enhances the freedom of others.” Do supply chains provide the conduit for change? How do we get closer to the truth?

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