Top 10 Trends and Innovation in Supply Chain

In this video, I wrap up Day 2 of the Gartner IT Expo & Symposium where we discussed scaling transformation, the top 10 strategic investments that should be on your radar and the connection in all things, influencing the future of humanity, the future of work, the future of Supply Chain and B2B Integration.

Top 10 Trends and Innovation in Supply Chain are:
‪1. Autonomous Things‬
‪2. Augmented Analytics‬
‪3. AI-Driven Development‬
‪4. Digital Twin‬
‪5. Empowered Edge‬
‪6. Immersive Experience‬
‪7. Blockchain‬
‪8. Smart Spaces‬
‪9. Digital Ethics and Privacy‬
‪10. Quantum Computing ‬


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Sheri R. Hinish
Sheri R. Hinish
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