The Sustainable Procurement Pledge + Making Circular Supply Chains Real with Thomas Udesen, CPO of Bayer and Co-Founder of SPP.Earth

We all have a role to play in the decade of our lives to reach the 2030 SDG vision. Procurement professionals though have a unique opportunity controlling about $8.3T of world trade in materials flow and services annually.

In one of the most inspiring episodes to date, Thomas Udeson, Chief Procurement Officer at Bayer and Co-Founder of the Sustainable Procurement Pledge (SPP.Earth) chats with Sheri Hinish (SupplyChainQueen) about his journey, the power of uniting under the SDGs for climate action and sustainability, and how procurement professionals are uniquely positioned to make this happen.

For Thomas, it started with a global curiosity hearing his father talk about shipments. He eloquently describes that "supply chains are the pulse of our society and humanity. Supply chains make things happen and what makes the world the great place it can become. And if you work in a supply chain you naturally get exposed to the beauty of people and diversity."

The Sustainable Procurement Pledge (SPP) was born out of the climate strikes in late 2019. Thomas fundamentally believes that we have everything to make a meaningful impact and change. The SPP builds on commitments at the individual level.  The Sustainable Procurement Pledge (SPP) is a pro-bono community of those committed to embedding sustainability in to their procurement practices - and sharing knowledge and tools of how to do so.

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