The Sustainability Imperative: Zero Waste, Zero Inequality, Zero Carbon Emissions with Tom Raftery

Happy Earth Day 22! In episode 70, host Sheri Hinish (SupplyChainQueen) joins Chief Evangelist Tom Raftery (Sustainable Supply Chain podcast host) for an EARTH WEEK discussion that zeros in on the Sustainability Imperative across climate, social equity, and responsible business.

Key topics include:

🔹 The world is changing – the global economy is about to become the climate economy

🔹 Business decisions will not only be weighed by financial implications, but climate implications

🔹 Both employees & customers have high expectations around the sustainability agenda set by companies

 🔹 Actions Organizations Should Take to set targets, measure and report, and convert

🔹 2020s & ‘The Decade of Action’ - What the 2030s & 2040s will look like as it relates to climate

 🔹The social impact of climate

🔹How this shows up in responsible business

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Sheri R. Hinish
Sheri R. Hinish
SupplyChainQueen ® | Executive Advisor and Change Leader | EY Principal and Senior Leader | Passionate about Supply Chain, Sustainability, Innovation, and Inclusion|

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