Building the Future of Supply Chain with the SDGs, Climate Action, Circular Economy, and the Convergence of Tech

Traditionally, supply chains are one directional, linear and strive for incremental improvements. But through the lens of blockchain + sustainability + circularity, supply chains truly become an ecosystem with endless possibilities, connections, collaboration in an ocean of abundance, as opposed to closed, point to point processes. Think open. Think ecosystem, don’t think closed and incremental.  

Join host Sheri Hinish (SupplyChainQueen) and Anthony Day (IBM Blockchain Partner and host of the podcast "Blockchain Won't Save the World) as they unpack how to build supply chain of the future that transform the world we share. Topics discussed include:

-The convergence of technology and 8 themes that when used in concert with the SDGs can change the world -Creating transformational social impact with blockchain including climate action, sustainable supply chains, micro-financing, and renewable energy transition

-Socio-economic and earth system trends in the great acceleration within planetary boundaries; what we do has a direct impact on Earth systems especially our climate and oceans. Population and energy use are growing exponentially. 

-Moving from a scarcity to an abundance mindset as we transition to a circular economy. A scarcity mindset is closed and can lead to fear, not stepping out and up to the challenges our generation faces to address the climate emergency and collapse of biodiversity. An abundance mindset is critical in how you show up and embody transformation in the world we share.  

-Data leads to the ability to educate the population on how to make an impact. How do we get more access to capital to transition to renewable energy? How can we open up a market to provide financial collateral in exchange for kilowatts? Blockchain enables this + carbon credits and trading, tokenizing through cryptocurrency also. Project Drawdown explores how to reduce carbon impact like adopting solar and wind renewable energy, reducing refrigeration, food waste, educating girls, and family planning.  

-AI , Blockchain, IoT use cases in cold chain, fold supply chain track and trace. IBM Partner Food Cloud and reducing food waste reduction in PLCM. -Anthony chats about why aren’ these amazing ideas scaling? Desirability, technical feasibility, viable from a commercial case, the business case...

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Sheri R. Hinish
Sheri R. Hinish
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