Supply and Demand Chain Executive Names Sheri Hinish, SupplyChainQueen, the Number One Professional You Need to Know

Published August 21, 2019 by Author Mackenna Moralez, Supply & Demand Chain Executive described 5 Supply Chain Professionals you need to know. Sheri Hinish was named the Number 1 "Pro to Know". As taken from the article below: 

1.)   Sheri Hinish, SupplyChainQueen

To colleagues and clients, Sheri is known as the “Supply Chain Queen.” She has made a career reimagining supply chain sales and operations planning, strategy and talent management. As an influencer, Hinish encourages leaders to see the business and social benefits of circular economy. Using her social media platform, she provides thought leadership on how and why we must transition to a model of sustainable supply chain. Her content focuses on aligning people, planet and profit, women in technology and supply chain in new ways of working.

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Sheri R. Hinish
Sheri R. Hinish
SupplyChainQueen ® | Executive Advisor and Change Leader | IBM Executive | Passionate about Supply Chain, Sustainability, Innovation, and Inclusive Leadership|

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