Sheri Hinish, SupplyChainQueen, Speaking at the Reuters Retail Supply Chain Virtual Event with Alibaba, Ryder, Etsy, and UnTuckIt

There is a paradigm shift happening at the intersection of Retail, Supply Chain, Logistics and Technology. E-commerce, long hailed disrupter to retail, has been the consumers saving grace during COVID. 300 million people are primed for online shopping in the US alone. Supply chains must be demand driven, scalable, flexible and digital to ensure you meet customer expectations. This requires a revolution in e-commerce. Discover technology and strategies that create flexibility, agility and operational visibility into your approach. Learn how to build an e-commerce infrastructure that will get you through 2020 and prepared for buying habit fluctuations in the future. Join Sheri, other innovators and distinguished executives to discuss the Future of Retail: e-commerce, digital strategy, sustainability, inventory planning & forecasting, and consumer trends. 

Predicting consumer behaviour has always been a challenge. Do you feel like now it's 10X harder? We hear that supply chains need to be agile, digitalized to cope with the unpredictability. But what does that mean? On the 20th of August at 11:15 AM EST, Sheri Hinish is joining Bjorn Bengtsson, Roman Sobieri, Jamin Dick and Norm Brouillette at the Reuters Events: Supply Chain to discuss the changing nature of consumerism and how to adapt your supply chain. Topics include ⬇️

👉🏽Changing customer motivations: how best to strengthen customer loyalty in your brand by conveying intricate supply chain information about the products they purchase (labor standards, material sourcing, end of life for products).

👉🏽End-To-End Retail Experience: Understand the importance of unifying data systems throughout the supply chain to ensure that, as eCommerce continues to grow, each individual sale and delivery experience remains connected and consistent.

👉🏽Improved adaptability through improved intra-company data management and sharing to keep pace with new and evolving retail models.


Learn from 20+ online sessions, 6000+ attendees, 20 retail experts, and a brand new Virtual Exhibition with audience interactivity from: IBMNordstromHenkelH&MAlibabaGroupthredUp, Sephora, Etsy, Gap, National Retail Federation, and many more. 

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Sheri R. Hinish
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