Sheri R. Hinish Named Top Global Influencer in Supply Chain by B2G Consulting

What an incredible honor to wake to on Thanksgiving morning. I’m incredibly humbled to accept the Global 2021 Supply Chain Social Media Influencer of the year award. Thanking everyone from the bottom of my heart for allowing me to share the stories and provocative PoVs that challenge paradigms for progress.

For every underrepresented or misrepresented person in STEAM communities, this is our award. Giving thanks to all the folks who’ve supported over the years and the green space to do what I love each day.

Sending love to B2G ConsultingFrederic, and Jay for selflessly volunteering your time again this year to produce a great event. Congrats to all the category winners and nominees and shout out to last year’s SC social media influencer award winner Lora Cecere.

150+ years is too long to wait. We have work to do.

#supplychain #sustainability #leadership

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Sheri R. Hinish
Sheri R. Hinish
SupplyChainQueen ® | Executive Advisor and Change Leader | EY Principal and Senior Leader | Passionate about Supply Chain, Sustainability, Innovation, and Inclusion|

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