Sheri Hinish Moderates Discussion with SalesForce Chief Sustainability Officer Suzanne DiBianca and Global Sustainability Leaders

In a gentle way, you can shake the world. One person, one teacher, one child has the power to enact change. On Jul 23rd, a small group of sustainability leaders came together to discuss challenges during COVID, scaling sustainability, accelerating climate action with technology, and a path forward for resilience. I had the pleasure of presenting at the Salesforce Sustainability Executive Roundtable and left heart-full knowing that there are others who show up everyday, committed to building an equitable, sustainable, and restorative world.

Climate change touches everything we do, 80% of the SDG targets, and from supply chains to marginalized communities, it wreaks havoc on the world we share. I wanted to thank the Salesforce, teams Suzanne PatrickAlexisJay for the impact you’ve made and change you continue to inspire.

We need some good news and a reminder that there are people who wake up everyday with a promise in their heart to build back better. Sustainability professionals, if you haven’t heard it are appreciated 🙏

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