Sheri Hinish is Voted 2020 Global Woman Supply Chain Leader People’s Choice Winner

I’ve walked an unconventional path that’s led me to today. And for all the NOs, wrong turns, wins, and memories cherished along the way, today is pretty damn special. I want to thank each person who voted me “2020 Global Woman Supply Chain Leader - People’s Choice” because as I’ve learned in life and in my career, people and relationships matter most. I am beyond touched and finding it hard to put how I feel into words. Sometimes you’ll win, sometimes you’ll fail in life, and both have been equally important. It didn’t feel like at the time, but I know it now...that disruption and failure have been essential in my life path.

I humbly accept this award on behalf of every Rebel, every person who has felt underrepresented, misrepresented, and every person in supply chain who has been told NO, it’s out of your reach.

This is OUR award.

I am also humbled to share this award with all winners including Alexis Bateman and Lora Cecere in the categories of academia and social media influencer. Brilliant women and am very happy they are being recognized. All winners noted below. 

*Global Supply Chain Leader: Sandra MacQuillan, EVP & CSCO, Mondelēz International

*SC Innovation Excellence: Wendy Herrick, VP Digital Supply Chain, Unilever

*SC Transformation Excellence: Sabine Simeon-Aissaoui, Head of Supply Chain, Schindler Group

*SC Academic Excellence: Alexis Bateman, Director, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Sustainable Supply Chains

*SC Sustainability Excellence: Magali Anderson, Chief Sustainability Officer, LafargeHolcim

*SC Social Media Influencer: Lora Cecere, Founder, Supply Chain Insights

*Choice of the Public: Sheri R. Hinish, Founder, Supply Chain Revolution®

And also to all remarkable nominees!

Thank you Radu Palamariu for the touching words, B2G ConsultingSupply Chain Revolution®everyone who voted, and Frederic GOMER Jay Kostos!

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Sheri R. Hinish
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