Celonis Women in Digital Transformation Panel Discussion with Sheri Hinish and Other Leaders in Technology and Supply Chain

It's time to be bold for change. Fellow STEMinists, women in tech and supply chain, let's talk. Talent is everywhere, but access is not. I'm stoked to announce a journey to create a tight-knit community driven by women leading the way in digital transformation. Please join me and other amazing women on JULY 30th in a virtual 'Women in Digital Process Transformation' Series championed by Celonis to forge a bold path. Women account for just 17% of the tech workforce and only 5% of enterprise tech leadership. It's time to flip this paradigm on its head.

Speakers include Jessica Johnson from Qualcomm, Inc., Debra Keehn from Ascend Performance Materials, Hala Zeine Chief Product Officer at Celonis, and Jana Vondran at Ingramm Micro, Inc. 

With the acceleration of change, digital competition, and increasing customer expectations, it’s critical to leverage emerging technologies from AI and ML to intelligent automation and Process Mining.

Influencing meaningful change in your organization, navigating your career path, building tech acumen and mobility, having a seat at the table, measuring success, and perfecting the customer journey...join us as we explore the value of diversity, inclusion, and digital transformation to build a stronger, more diverse community in the world we share.

🎙 A recording of the session can be viewed below. 

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Sheri R. Hinish
Sheri R. Hinish
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