Sheri Hinish Featured on the Procurious SuperNormal Influencer Series, Double Down on Digital

Ordinary people working together, mobilized through purpose become extraordinary when they embrace that the things they can do are limitless. I see so many posts on Linkedin about the 'new normal' and I hope we never go back to the way things were, a linear world where taking, making, wasting was business-as-usual.

We need to be business unusual. We need to be supernormal. The linear economy is just not sustainable for our future - and the reality is that there’s a better way to make money and do good, solving some of these really complex problems.

I’m here to make a difference and shake things up - so it’s like a breath of fresh air talking to Procurious founder and fellow IBM Futurist Tania Seary in the Supernormal Influencer series!

Hear my plans for changing the world below - and hear the whole series webcast series here ~>

Whether that world is your office, your community, an industry or a global movement, you can make a difference. How are you leaving your unique thumbprint in the universe? Whether big or small, how are you changing the world? Would love to hear your thoughts friends...

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Sheri R. Hinish
Sheri R. Hinish
SupplyChainQueen ® | Executive Advisor and Change Leader | IBM Executive | Passionate about Supply Chain, Sustainability, Innovation, and Inclusive Leadership|

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