Sheri Hinish Discusses the Future of Supply Chain with Rob O’Byrne, Top Supply Chain YouTube Series

Sheri Hinish sat down with Rob O'Byrne to talk about the future of supply chain and many timely issues we are navigating at work and in our personal lives.

In this 10 minute chat, they explore “what is sustainable supply chain”? She shares insights gathered from several global roundtables and virtual events discussed over the summer months. Also, her PoV on where the industry is headed based on thousands of interactions from great people who make up the fabric of global supply chains. Shout out to Unilever in this chat 💭 and the Sustainable Living Plan discussed in the video.

More to come in this series. Love what Rob is doing with the Supply Chain Secrets channel and Sheri is taking notes as she prepare to formally launch an education series on YouTube ✊🏾

Let her know what you think about part 1! Many thanks Rob for the invite.

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Sheri R. Hinish
Sheri R. Hinish
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