‘Procurement with Purpose,’ the Powerful Movement in Sustainability with Authors Mark Perera and Peter Smith

The decisions we make this decade are the most important in human history. You have to ask yourself: if our economic system actively destroys the biosphere and fails to meet many people's basic needs, what actually the point of it all? With COP26 weeks away, answering the call in climate action and equity for all, how will we emerge and redesign our world, our systems, supply chains, and economies?

In episode 62, Sheri Hinish (SupplyChainQueen) explores key themes in our world's transformation with two thought leaders - Mark Perera (Founder of Procurement Leaders and CEO of Vizibl) + Peter Smith (CIPS and the epic OG of Procurement, literally). Mark and Peter have authored a new, provocative book called 'Procurement with Purpose' and encourage everyone to look deep in your supply chain to make a world of difference. (https://www.procurementwithpurpose.com/)

Procurement with Purpose describes a powerful new movement - how organizations can use the money they spend with suppliers to help address these issues. That “buying power” is now being used to drive change across the business world.

Mark and Peter share case studies from firms including Unilever and Bayer that have taken the lead in Procurement with Purpose, as well as good practice advice on implementing these ideas  at all stages of the buying cycle. We unpack supplier diversity, and development. and insightful analysis of  “purposeful business” concepts and describe the key environmental, social and economic issues that can be addressed through these approaches.

Both an inspirational call to action, and a practical guide to implementing real change, Procurement with Purpose suggests that we can still change the world for the better thru disruptive thinking and disrupting incrementalism in sustainable transformation.

Pre-order your copy here (https://www.procurementwithpurpose.com/) All profits from the book will go to support environmental, social and health charities.

The mystery of human existence lies in finding something to live for; what wakes you up each morning? Will you join us?

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Sheri R. Hinish
Sheri R. Hinish
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