Podcast with SAP Futurist Tom Raftery: SupplyChainQueen Highlighted in the Women in Digital Supply Chain Series

"When you think about sustainability through the lens of supply chain and even digital, 50 to 80 percent of the revenue spend happens in supply chain. And so, do, up to 85 percent of the environmental impacts, social impacts of supply chain. so, who better then than us as supply chain practitioners who have that end-to-end interconnected view of the world of business, of the communities where we operate to really do something epic?" - Episode 13, Sheri Hinish

Tom Raftery is a Global VP, Futurist, and Innovation Evangelist for SAP, inspirational keynote speaker, and represents a global influencer's take on how digitization and innovation are creatively disrupting our world. In his new Digital Supply Chain podcast, and the Industry 4.0 themed series of podcasts, he decided to also spin up a new series – themed around the topic of Women in Supply Chain. This series will strive to highlight the stories of women leaders in Supply Chain to attempt to address the current imbalance in their representation.

On March 31, Tom invited Sheri Hinish (@supplychnqueen on Twitter), and Deborah Dull (@circular_nomad on Twitter) to join him for the inaugural podcast, as they have their own very successful Supply Chain podcast Supply Chain Revolution.

The conversation covers topics as diverse as the impact of digital goods, the transition of our energy systems to clean energy, sustainable supply chains and the circular economy. 

Listen to the Episode on iTunes ~> https://podcasts.apple.com/gb/podcast/episode-13-exploring-digital-supply-chain-sustainable/id1496899179?i=1000470231720

Learn more about Tom Raftery's podcast ~> https://tomraftery.com/2020/03/31/digital-supply-chain-women-in-supply-chain-a-chat-with-circular_nomad-and-supplychnqueen/

Tom Raftery on Twitter ~> https://twitter.com/TomRaftery?s=20

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Sheri R. Hinish
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