Leading Lights: Sheri Hinish, Alexis Bateman, Sandra Macquillan, and other Top Women in Supply Chain Featured in Digital Innovation Magazine

“I’m speaking”... echoed repeatedly last night watching the United States, VP debate with my 6 year old daughter, 26 years since a woman 1st appeared. She says innocently, “mommy why does he keep talking over her, even when she asks him to stop”?

I was going to give her a winded lecture on women’s rights, gender equity, and mansplaining, but thought about what Alexis posted yesterday, the article highlighting women leaders in supply chain, and read it to her instead. Aryanna, “Be bold, confident, and kind. And if you have the chance, be a door-opener, a helpful ear, and seek to understand with empathy...because it’s often these meaningful moments that matter as we look back on our lives.”

How many times have you had to say “I’m speaking?” How many times have you sat silently, maybe let it roll off your back, or retracted wondering if you’d say anything at all next time? I have. Every woman I know felt those moments last night. And we have an opportunity to raise this generation differently, which will influence the future of work and supply chain for years to come.

Thank you B2G ConsultingDigital InnovationJenniferFredericSandraAlexis Bateman and Magali for sharing our journey as women in supply chain in the October issue of Digital Innovation Magazine. Time’s up.

Read the full article here - https://bit.ly/30A0K4T

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