Graduating From Harvard with a Masters in Sustainability – a Bright Spot in the Midst of the Pandemic

Thursday, I graduated from Harvard with a Masters in Sustainability to close a 4 year journey with loved ones by my side. This is a 2nd masters and for most of my life, I was told none of this was possible. The world did not see this journey for me, so I did not see it for myself. I am the 1st woman on my fathers side to attend university, the great granddaughter of immigrants who came to this country with nothing, only to make a better way for their family. All the things people told me would limit my potential:
👉🏿poor upbringing
👉🏿young, single mother
👉🏿no access
👉🏿non traditional career path
👉🏿3 kids
👉🏿working full time
👉🏿Adult learner
These things prepared me to take on adversity in all things, and see each day as an opportunity. The reality is folks will give you a million reasons why you can’t, when you really only need 3 words...

Never let anyone proofread the vision you have for your life.

I am possible. I am Harvard too.

It is our time to build a new world that is responsible and equitable, uplifting the voices and communities that have been suppressed. To my classmates, we are now bearers of great privilege and the breakers of legacy yolks.

We have work to do.

#sustainability #supplychain #whatinspiresme

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Sheri R. Hinish
Sheri R. Hinish
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