IBM’s Sheri Hinish Speaks at 2021’s Largest Supply Chain Transportation Summit with o9

Stoked to be a media partner and share that I’m speaking at the Makers and Movers - Global Transportation summit May 12 about all intersections of tech, logistics and sustainability. This is the biggest global virtual summit on Global Transportation, happening Q2!

Register with the link in the comments and get free access! I'm joining Stephan de Barse at o9 again for a provocative chat.

Some of the topics covered:
▶️ Logistics Cost Across the World
▶️ Intermodal Transportation
▶️ Containers Availability
▶️ Sustainability and Circular Economy
▶️ Competitive Collaboration
▶️ Latest Technologies - Taking a Hard Look at What is Hype and What is Real

Register here ->

See you there!

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Sheri R. Hinish
Sheri R. Hinish
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