Feature with Supply Chain Digital Podcast: The State of Sustainability and Supply Chain with Sheri Hinish

Did you know that investors put $45.6B into funds focused ESG in Q1 2020 alone? And Fortune’s 2019 'Best Companies to Work For' have ESG scores 14% higher than the global average. In a recent session with GiveWith, I explored how 88% of consumers will be more loyal to a company that supports social or environmental issues. But what does this mean for global supply chains?

A few key events come to mind. Larry Fink’s letter to CEOs describing financial risk that includes climate change and disclosures around ESG, non-financial performance indicators that include diversity, supply chain sustainability, and data privacy. For the 1st time in 2020, WEF named climate change as the leading risk facing business and our survival.

It's not enough anymore to just look myopically at profit. There’s increasing evidence that if a company embraces shared responsibility, you’ll outperform in the long term. This means taking care of your employees, respecting consumers like the LOHAS who prioritize sustainability, and aligning yourself with the needs of the communities you serve.

In this episode with Supply Chain Digital, I unpack several timely shifts. What shifts are front of mind for you in 2021?

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Sheri R. Hinish
Sheri R. Hinish
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