Exploring the Green Revolution: Climate Change and Shifts in Industry, Technology, Supply Chain, and Sustainable Development Goal 13 for Climate Action

2019 was the warmest year on record. The Price tag for climate change in the US is $140 billion per year, meaning cost of changes needed to adapt to a warming world. This is less than 0.2% of global GDP. Supply Chains, technology, and Industry 4.0 are a conduit for climate action using environmental risk management, the cost of carbon, and understanding consumer behavior where shifts like purchaser-to-participant and “shades of green” meet the consumer in their green journey.

Climate change impacts natural and human systems globally through the increase globally averaged surface temperature, extreme weather events, changing precipitation patterns, rising sea levels and ocean acidification. These risks will ultimately impact people’s livelihoods, particularly marginalized groups such as women, children, and the elderly, as resources, food and water become more scarce. If you think about the SDGs, the lasting effects of climate change tied to SDG 13 makes it very difficult to achieve other goals.

Climate change touches everything and thrilled to join Tom Raftery with SAP Digital Supply Chain in a lively chat to discuss the Green Revolution in all its glorious, wicked, complexities. Climate action requires rapid changes that must take place in four key parts of society: energy generation, land use, consumer behavior, and industry.

We touch on everything from SDG 13, a comparison of renewable energy sources, the green cloud, supply chain tech that helps you share your footprint E2E, and the business case for transition to EVs (electric vehicles). What is the social cost of carbon? How can reporting and pricing carbon can reduce emissions and enable smarter planning in supply chains? 

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