Exploring Disruptive Design: How Lego and IKEA Use Creativity, Technology, and the Human Experience to Build a Circular Economy w/ James George (Ellen MacArthur Foundation)

As competition intensifies, the need for creative thinking increases, else we'd be repeating the same patterns forever. The concept of a circular economy is a hot topic in the midst of COVID, not only because of its positive social and environmental impacts, but also due to the clear benefits of circular product design. As circular design ambitions grow, current advances in technology have made it possible for companies like the LEGO Group and IKEA Group to lead the transition to a circular economy. Lego is answering this question: how do we use creativity and play to help children reimagine and rebuild the world? And how do we engage AFOLs (adult fans of Lego) for current design ideas?

Technology alone cannot achieve CE at scale, so what role do humans and creativity play in the world achieving a true circular economy?

In Episode 26, James George from the Ellen MacArthur Foundation describes the importance of purpose, leadership, courage and risk in the Circular Economy. Using concrete examples of ingenuity, technology, and the human experience, we unpack Lego’s Circular & Sustainable journey “RePlay”…inspiring bold moves through play, creativity, and powerful leadership. IKEA is solving the wicked problem of food waste using AI, process optimization, demand planning. They pilot circular disruption at the store level and iterate to scale. Want to learn more? This is the episode for you. 

Circular economy is an investment lever many companies are pulling to weather long term disruption and build sustainable supply chains. Human and creativity play a role in achieving innovation at scale to build a better, healthier planet and economy.

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Find James George, EllenMacArthur Foundation at https://www.linkedin.com/in/james-george-20995b75/

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