Exploring Circularity For Supply Chain Resilience in Navigating COVID and Beyond & The Wicked Debate of Sustainability Versus Circular Economy with The Ellen MacArthur Foundation

Is optimizing for "less bad" the right pivot to navigate COVID and beyond? Supply chain resilience has a new meaning for many of us that is wrapped in the emotion unprecedented social, economic, and environmental crises. We've lost many lives to COVID and as unemployment reaches new highs, businesses and supply chains must choose to evolve or dissolve: do we navigate using existing ways of working or disrupt to prepare for a new world?

James George from the Ellen MacArthur Foundation and I chat on Supply Chain Revolution® about how COVID has accelerated conversations for circular economy. Two distinct groups are emerging. Prioritizing doing things differently, doubling down on circular economy grounded in the business case for change includes agility, supply assurance, and designing risk out of your supply chain. Supply chain resilience is critical and how do you ensure the right work gets done? Lastly, we debate how sustainability may be inhibiting circularity, even though they’re 1st cousins.

No matter where you look in history, periods of disruption have always been the true catalyst for innovation. Use these uncertain times to go back to the drawing board and plan your business transformation. Is it time to rethink how we define resilience? Is conventional “supply chain resilience” really a safe harbor ~> or a temporary stop before the next storm?

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