Why Sustainable Change Starts With You: Holiday Takeover Covering Sustainability of the Past, Present + Future with James George (Pyxera Global)

Sending a big shout out to everyone for your support and it's been TWO YEARS! This episode is a holiday takeover. Since we released the 2020 holiday takeover last year, it's received thousands of downloads. We're coming back again with a bolder, Rebel take on what's hot in 2022.

2021 has been another "Year of the Pledges". From setting 2030 to 2050 goals and claiming carbon-neutrality, one thing is for sure...you can pull up to many tables, but which ones? Has this been the year of social and green washing and what can we expect in the new year? James George from the Pyxera Global has taken over the Supply Chain Revolution® in this special holiday edition - Episode 67.

We explore BOLD topics and trends in 2021 and what is front of mind in circularity, sustainability, and supply chains in 2022, including: How can you get people to care, more, about sustainability? And an inspirational message in the rise of empowerment where how you show up in the world matters. Do people ever go back and check build sustainability commitments? Lastly, how can we actually get people to care? 2021 has been the rise of empowerment in many ways. Where and how you show up in the world matters. You have control over what you do and mobilizing can be transformative. We all have a sphere of influence. How will you use yours in 2021?

+ To Learn more about James please visit https://www.linkedin.com/in/james-george-20995b75/ 

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Sheri R. Hinish
Sheri R. Hinish
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